Here is the incredible story January 9th, 2001

FORCES Canada, a pro-smoking website, receives a phone call from
the Treasury Board/Secretariat Canada who demands that FORCES
Canada cease and desist from using the Canadian flag on the FORCES
Canada site, because the Canadian Government has the trademark
on the flag, and it does not allow citizens to use it.

A written comunication on this issue is required by FORCES Canada.

January 10th, 2001 - The communication is transmitted via e-mail, as shown below:

Subj:trademark infringement

    Date:1/10/2002 8:17:23 AM Pacific Standard Time

    From: Ovens.Jan@t...

    To: forcescan2@A...

Pat, this is further to our telephone conversation of January 9, 2002 regarding products identified on the
Forces Canada Internet site that were infringing on a registered trademark held by the Government of Canada.

The flag symbol is a global identifier of the Government of Canada. It is used to identify federal institutions
and is protected under the Trademarks Act (Section 9 (1)(n)(iii) of the Act).

The flag symbol was approved and entered as an official mark of the Government of Canada on the
Trademarks Register held by the Canadian Trademarks Office, which is part of the Canadian
Intellectual Property Office at Industry Canada,on 30 September 1987.

As discussed, there is evidence that Forces Canada Internet site is advertising on the World Wide Web
bearing the flag symbol of the Government of Canada.

You are advised that your organization must take immediate corrective action with respect to
infringement of this trademark. In addition we require a written undertaking to immediately
cease and desist displaying the flag symbol on the Forces Canada Internet site and all
associated pubic relations products.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jan Ovens

613-957-2544 I ovens.jan@t...
Facsimile/TÚlÚcopieur : 613-946-5187
Federal Identity Program, Treasury Board of Canada

Well, Folks! This is positive proof that Parliament is a private foreign club that pretends to be
a legitimate Canadian corporation, and is actually a foreign (Vatican - behind the veil of the
British Crown) owned corporation which has fraudulently assumed the role of Government of Canada.
This is further corroborated by a statement that has been on the Governor General's website that states:
"the office of GG is a 'de facto' office" - meaning, in the case of Government, 'acting without authority'.

Notice in the message above that the 'asumed to be' Canadian Flag does not represent Canada, but
only represents the Canadian Government.


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